10 Improvement techniques for Cutting Productivity and Efficiency

How to Improve Cutting Productivity and Efficiency in Apparel Manufacturing

Cutting is a very essential department of the apparel manufacturing industry. Sewing line production depends on the Cutting section. But it’s true that when over cutting input in a sewing line creates WIP (work in process). WIP is not also good for production health. Otherwise Less input than the sewing target is so harmful to overall productivity. Many of the factory cutting section faced this common problem this time. Today we have to discuss this fatal issue of Ready Made Garments production of the Magic Improvement techniques for Cutting Productivity and Efficiency.

Input Planning  

The essential matter that bad Planning can’t be combined with Sewing input, shipment date, future works. It makes Unsmooth all relevant jobs. All style inputs have planned and well organized. Before the bulk cutting, ready the Marker, fabric & other necessary elements. Especially fabrics laying. Because it takes the most time.


The layout is the first thing of any production section. A balanced, responsible and good layout can increase the smooth production possibility. Marking the worker area.

Time Study & Work Measurement

Time Study not only for the sewing section or finishing section but also for the cutting section now. That can be handling the IE department. Work measurement helps to allocate manpower, layout making, target, and capacity.

workstation design

Workstation design is not like interior design, it is the design of the workplace. It is one kind of layout, but individual workstation layout. Here you have to mark the position area of tools, equipment, parts of garments and other necessary or half-necessary things they use.

Clean Procedures to enhance cutting productivity

Ensure every operation a quick understandable standard operating procedure (SOP). SOP is an important thing that helps to do the working decision quickly. It helps to culturizing

Real stating and Accounting

Many people or related sections do not provide reliable information. Cutting Manager, IE, and supervisor should collect actual information and maintain the production data and planning accurately so you can take action to improve cutting performance

Size Set Sample Making

To earn approval from the buyer representatives need size set making for approval. But we have seen that they can not complete size set sample making. This is the fatal issue to delay bulk cutting. So make sure proper planning to make size set, shade band or pilot run sample.

Short Qty, Fusing Parts & Pocketing

Short marker cutting, sample, fusing & pocketing should be separated from bulk cutting tables. It is an important point to reduce the number of wastes time. Based on priority, have to cut and supply first for embroidery and fusing. As so result, making input the goods balanced at the same time.

Improvement techniques for Cutting Productivity and Efficiency

Improvement techniques of Cutting Productivity and Efficiency

Gerber Machine for cutting

Manpower Balancing

If any worker or cutting man has no work in hand should shift the worker to another busy table or another work.


Five S is another technique to improve cutting production. Because the Cutting area is the place of fabric and others gathering. It is a hazard for smooth production. 5S helps to reduce wastes time things and it makes well organized in the cutting section.

5s now extended into 7s named “save” and “Safety”. So these are also the issues of cutting performance improvement.


So we will see the result.



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