Definition & Introduction of Work Study & Industrial Engineering

Work study or Industrial Engineering is a new concept in the Industrial Movement. It is a man tool. Basically, work-study has started in Western countries for the first time. They apply this large theme in every place. But in turned page South Asia, it starts very late. In the European country, it has applied 30-35years ago and Asian country has applied work study 25 years ago. In Exporter country like Bangladesh, work-study has started 15-18 years ago. But in a few time, they are benefited by IE much more. IE & work study is a great discovery for the productive world. We can apply this concept in any place to develop to the work or any operation. Not only the industry.

  Work Study helps the men to do the same work in shortly and comfortably. It can help to reduce cost and time also help to reduce manpower. We can detail this concept with an example.

    In our Garment sector for the first time, we operate our waistband operation by three or four sewings and for this operation, we needed more manpower and more machines. So our production cost has already increased but now a day we operate this sewing with a machine use a folder. So, It helps us to save our manpower and production cost.

Industrial engineering is worried about building up the best and productive approach to utilize plants, machinery, materials, and so on. The fundamental goals of industrial engineering are as per the following: 

  • To expand productivity without bringing about steady expenses. 
  • To urge robotization as to diminish human mediation. 
  • To build up a productive and effective activity work cycle.

What, why & how it Works 

Work study is a wide subject. It has no proper definition. But 70%-80% engineer believes that the work-study concept is the same. Thought work study is a new concept in the Asian country but twenty five-thirty five years ago European country have applied this concept for their maximum outcome.
In basically “Work study is a systematic examination and development of operational method and standard to facilitate the enhancement of productivity and quality of work life”.
In our practical life, a work-study can apply if you have to go to Mymensingh from Dhaka. At first, you have to know the deadline reaching. If the deadline is fixed, you need to make a plan what’s the time you get and what time you needed to reach in Mymensingh. Then you can start to go. Otherwise, you can not be reached in Mymensingh in due time.
 So, work-study is a systematic examination to carrying out activities to improve the effective use of resources and set up standards of performance to develop the activities to the maximum our come.

To get by in the current aggressive and worldwide condition, it is significant for the association to ceaselessly see approaches to improve efficiency and productivity. It needs to find another, simple and savvy method for manufacturing or giving administrations. 

Work study and industrial engineering assume a significant job in occupation disentanglement, work configuration, work advancement, esteem analysis/engineering, method analysis, operational analysis, and so on. Work study has been used by organizations in employee productivity. Industrial engineering is the most recent method utilized to improve productivity. It manages structure, improvement and setting up of engineering frameworks incorporating plants, machinery, workers, and so on. 

Industrial Engineer utilizes strategies like method study and works estimation to comprehend human work potential regarding time spend on finishing an assignment, seeing approaches to make the errand more straightforward and simple, as to expand productivity and efficiency. Work study is a field used to securing methods for expanding position execution, ideal utilization of plant and machinery, the institutionalization of work methods, and so on. Thusly, the targets of work study are as per the following: 

  • Logical and controlled analysis of existing accessible methods of executing an errand. 
  • Estimating the presentation of rationally and physically qualified workers, building up to it as standard for execution estimation. 
  • Ideal use of workers, plant, machinery and different assets at least expense. 
  • Improved productivity and upgrade worker temperament. 
  • Expanding efficiency of the Factory or organization. 

For an association, productivity can be expanded over some undefined time frame, if workers are effective and are engaged. Subsequently, the upsides of work study are as per the following: 

  • Increment underway efficiency. 
  • Larger amounts of generation and ideal usage of assets. 
  • Effective progression of material and items. 
  • Effective treatment of the material and better format. 
  • The diminished expense of generation as time spent at work is diminished. 
  • Expanded spirit of workers with an expansion in security and efficiency. 
  • Benchmark and standard execution levels are built up, in this way giving focuses on the association. 
  • Better occupation fulfillment and motivator arranging because of work study. 

Method Study 

It is a logical procedure to more readily occupation plan. It considers the current employment process and proposed the activity procedure to distinguish the suitable occupation process which results in productive and savvy tasks. In this manner, the goals of the method study are as per the following: 

To study the current work procedure and proposed work process. 

To discover new methods of expanded generation and decrease in expense. 

To accomplish the ideal use of assets. 

Method study guarantees that there is an expansion in generally speaking productivity and gainfulness of the association. Method study includes the accompanying strategies: 

  • Choice of work to be considered. 
  • Recording the present method. 
  • A basic examination of the actualities. 
  • Advancement of the most down to earth, efficient and effective method. 
  • Establishment of new methods. 
  • Upkeep of new method and works on checking 

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