Fashion Engineering

Fashion Engineering, Industrial Engineering

“Ha Ha! Old mad have not wined, importing new mad! what is fashion Engineering? Maybe fashion Design, Fashion Marketing. Engineering! Fajlami na?”

Don’t worry. Let me take you in deep.

‘Fashion Engineering’ is going to be the new keyword of the garments industry. Design is not the last issue. Design, then have a Production issue, costing issue,  efficiency issue, at last earning issue. We need the best earn but also need consumer satisfaction, we have to think both sides. Best earn with cheap retailer rate is the best policy for modern branding. It also may be a marketing policy that can be made from the root.

‘Fashion Engineering’ is related to Industrial Production Engineering. Also related to manufacturing & product quality. Best use of Man, machines, money, materials, etc. Safety is a valuable trend in the modern fashion industry or business. Fashion Engineer encourages to Using modern technology & skilled workman. He suggests to trendy, greener, well decorated & clean factory or workplace, that improves the quality of products and best outputs. Also helps to attract client, buyer & vendor. 

Fashion engineering is the best choice for those who are interested in fashion and seeking technical perfection. The fashion industry needs creative and promising young specialists who are able to create, design, and implement new ideas of textile and clothing design. The graduates of this program can easily adapt to the challenges of the global fashion market and requirements of the modern companies, as well as establish their own business.

Not just for designers and models, the fashion industry needs the keen eye of engineers to make high-tech materials, analyze trends and shape how new styles are made and sold. You may not expect it, but engineering is perfect for fashion fans who want to be ahead of next season’s trends.

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