How to be a Good chief of Industrial Engineers in production

11 skills to be a Good chief of Industrial Engineers in production

How to be a good engineer

This is the creating time going on industrial Engineering (IE) to establish modern production culture. IE is the journey of the modern manufacturing boat. That has been becoming the soul of an organized and effective whole production system. Before knowing how to be a good chief industrial engineer, we have to know the Important skills of a Smart Industrial Engineer. That brings another question, “How to be a Good chief of Industrial Engineers in production?

The IE team, making and apply SOP, the new method, quality buzz, troubleshooting on the problem spots, work measurement, method study, accomplishing the employee, method implementing, balancing the uneven matters or unsmooth workflow and exploring the lean tools and techniques. They are also evaluating employee performance.

In fact, the compliance department is ensuring the safety and changing working environment to work-friendly. Another hand, IE changes/develops the whole production system with safety. They also try to establish a work-friendly production environment. Both department purposes are similar in the concept of 5S ( added Save & Safety) to organize the organization best. So depth interactivities knowledge will make you dynamic.

But some industries can’t make a good outcome from IEbility due to proper instructions and guidelines by the IE leader to the team members. Production study is a practical term not only theory-based. The academic background does not matter to be a good IE leader. Some of your team members do not like to show off work. They work for improvement, not for oiling. If oiling is the competence of an employee to you the team will be inefficient. Because they work only for showing not for the company. The leader should not possible all to always with the team members.

In the situation, an IE leader has a vast responsibility for tuning better productivity and to enhance the organization’s greater efficiency.

To be a stunning IE leader should follow the terms given below prepared from our practical experience. That may be good practice.

How to be a Good chief Industrial Engineer in any production

Problem Detection

If you don’t learn the problems how can you develop? Firstly you have to know the problems and lack-luster from the root. The root cause is the door to discover a better improvement bus. In the present day, the improvement bus is driven manually by Industrial Engineers.

The production line may face various problems like quality, machinery, plugins, attachment, transportation, and other relevant technical and non-technical persuasion. If any machine breakdown and stopped the work IE has a responsibility to draw attention to the mechanical department or another related person to quick troubleshooting. Machine repairing is not the work of IE but should make a quick response to the responsive department.

Organic Sense of humor

If an IE leader has not a good sense of production humor there have no possibility to make a stronger IE team. Here may have the possibility to appreciate the wrong person and better IE member may be underestimated who could be the good performer of IE. So the IE leader must be sensible to make any quick decision.

to be a Great Leader of Industrial Engineers in production the leader should have a quick decision capability that can help to decide any other production-related phenomenon. To combine among the caliber, wisdom and communication power. IE leader should have a powerful memory brain and humor. Slow memory does not useful to remember and to lead.


General Leadership

It is not true that if you have no inborn leadership attributes in personal life, your professional leadership may occur. This is not the end. You have a huge opportunity to make yourself a great manufacturing engineering leader. I suggest a book to evaluate maximum IEbility in lean production. This book can be your survival asset- Green Manufacturing: Case Studies in Leadership and Improvement. The future manufacturing industry is fully green.

Communication and Motivation

Communication and motivation competencies are great wealth or tools to empower human-based employment. The team is not in the eyes of the leader, they are spread all over the factory. But the chief engineer leads them easily and makes them a hunger to do work for the highest productivity.

The Thinker

Thinking makes a man creative. Creativity is the Industrial Engineering main keyword. Creativity helps to build innovative ideas and to imply old worst methods. It’s making fun and discovering the skilled employee or persons any other. Who can help than the best?


An IE leader will not be creative until collecting genuine information. the leader should be informative with proof. IE leaders should have to be able to collect reliable information to take action. Because in the industry, other section or person may not give the right information. So how it possible to take the step necessary without exact information?

Curious Researcher

The IE leader has to research at first, manpower, machines, technology, materials, wastes, costing, software, and technology. He will gather knowledge about another factory improvement mistry and success stories. Research and keep update to know what is the new software related to industrial and production engineering and what is new technology or machine can be applied own industry.

become a Great Leader of Industrial Engineers in production

Great Planner and Analyzer 

IE leader should have been Visionary to prepare effective planning. That will have been logical, ethical and calculative. An IE leader keeps the ability to analyze efficiency, productivity, output, quality defects based on daily, monthly and yearly. The leader should keep monitoring Line, floor, and factory wise production and if that is a group of industry need unit wise analyzing.  Analyzing power is the common thing to make new decisions and to set the target and efficiency. He prepares a good budget and preserves other data management.

Be Upgraded Do upgrade

A smart IE is the wealth of any type of production house. IE leader should be smart, ethical, modern and upgraded. And to have sound knowledge up-to-date on other departments like pattern, cad, merchandising, quality, inventory, compliance, human resource management, mechanical, etc.

Production Administration

When IE is the production administration then the IE leader is the center of the administration. So an IE leader should enroll a powerful administration of production.

Learn a Lot

If you do and earn the best from Production Engineering you have to go the deep of production process and system engineering. Explore your IE skills and techniques. You have to study production engineering a lot and apply it practically in your field. I will suggest some books that you can get easily from home. For future action, you can save this post link. submit your mail or Facebook address. I will update this post.

This book may provide you a million-dollar solution. Get it from Amazon: Industrial and Systems Engineering (Systems Innovation Book Series) 2nd Edition


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