How to Improve Employee efficiency in Garment Industry

Best ways to Improve Employee efficiency in Garment Industry

This is the trending time. Nowadays clothing is the most important part of fashion. But the workers who make the dress for other’s styles and fashion trends, how can be improved their efficiency. When the garments industry needs more output to survive with profit? Let’s talk about ways to Improve Employee efficiency in garment industry.

Motivation, Incentive & rewarding:

A good motivational conversation can turn the operator mindset productive. The worker does not feel alone either his bottleneck operation or low capacity.  He/she tries their best if IE/sup can motivate/understand them the seriousness of low-performance indication. May the issue, bottleneck, quality or low capacity.

Understanding work:

Most of the time you can see the operators can’t understand own work procedure & techniques properly. In that case, the supervisor shouts loudly. As a result, Broken the worker mentality and created frustration, hesitation.  So at the start of the layout, Supervisor/PM/IE must have to show them the easy techniques and operation procedures. Don’t feel disturbed to imply them, any Question or problem must have to be solved by the Sup/L/c/IE/QC with good behavior. They need guidelines.

Cultural and Recreational Activities:

Florence Nitingel treats some patients with music therapy. It’s very important to recreate all arranging cultural activities like sports, music, dance, etc. If mind good, all good.

Work Measurement:

It is high time to use work measurement tools and techniques such as time study, method study, follow up, motion study, etc. It helps to Set Target & capacity of operations. The worker should be known for their own eligibility & aware of what should be the target and achieve. Read here Work Measurement Techniques and Tools.

Training program:

Separately the new joined and old workers should have been trained properly. It makes skilled operators quickly. If possible implies them about SMV efficiency, Productivity. It will be aware of their own target & capacity.

Safety, Health Awareness & Working environment

It is highly true that Safety is first. It is an extension of 5S. Safety is related to worker health and working environment. A good and greener Work environment is the main key to improve product quality and factory efficiency. If the factory takes the step to nutrition and health awareness for the employee it will be great to improve employee performance. The administration should organize health campaigns and seminars regularly.

How to develop worker’s productivity 

how to Improve Employee efficiency in Garment Industry

This smile is imperative to improve worker efficiency

Weak health can’t bring wealthy productivity. Because they are poor. Without creating health awareness among the workers, they will become weak to do their own work and frustrated. Not only important physical health but also need mental/moral health wellness. Arrange regularly health programs or seminars for their better health awareness.  The company can provide them nutrition by their own Project. It makes the employee stronger and responsible for high definition production output. It makes them hungry to complete their works.

Worker Evaluation and Analysis

To explore the worker should be prepared Operator Grading,  Skill Matrix, Assessment. You can read also How and why need worker evaluation in any type of manufacturing industry.

Standard  Operating Procedures (SOP)

if you want to get the best productivity it is highly recommended to establish Standard  Operating Procedures (SOP). It makes easier and build a production culture to Improve employee efficiency.
Then see your achievement!

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