Industrial Engineer Daily Activities In Garments

An Industrial Production Engineer or A work-study officer’s has many duties & job Responsibilities. Here are remarkable some of Industrial Engineer Daily Activities In Garments.

1. Prepare the properly balanced layout, operation breakdown, bulletin.

2. The lean manufacturing process and the KAIZEN technique for continuous improvement.

3. When new style input, analyze the Layout & production possibility. work-force assignment and
operational data to determine the efficient utilization of employees and equipment.
4. Line balancing & re-engineering the workplace for the best achievement. When analyzing the
bottleneck areas, solving the issues.

5. When style feeding, checking workplace, method, and find out whether workers,
materials, and machines utilized properly.

6. Set the target, draft and design materials and workplace to illustrate maximum efficiency,

using drafting tools and computer.

7. Quicken Order Changeover & Value Stream Mapping. Maintaining the SMV & Analyzing the
Efficiency, Productivity, etc.
8. Unproductive time & wastes resource monitoring & reducing.
9. Good knowledge of GSD/predetermined motion study techniques.
10. Evaluate workers’ performance, motivating, Incentive planning, disciplinary matters, training
needs & preparing the skill matrix.
11. Conducting motion Study/ Production Study/ Time Study
12. Method development, workplace design & best use.
13. Communicate with management and user personnel to develop production and design standards.
Communicating with the merchandising team & aware of supply chain management.

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