Production Manager duties & Job responsibilities


 In the age of the industrial revolution, the Production Manager plays a vital role in the production enterprise. Now we discuss Production Manager duties & Job responsibilities.

  • Lead the department and ensure accountability to the top management.
  • Must be batter knowledge about SMV, Efficiency calculation & implementation. Ensure efficiency-driven production management
  • Keen knowledge about operation breakdown or machine layout
  • Monitor hourly production and ensure the correct method so that the production output as per the desired limit.
  • Closely work with the planning and merchandising department to execute orders according to the plan.
  • Coordinate with concern departments for on-time shipment.
  • Ability to ensure quick changeover.
  • Improvement of existing products using an optimized level of Raw material.
  • Lead safety, quality and compliance activities in the workplace. Analyze & assess product risks, critical operations, quality issues in advance before production.
  • To make sure that he/she can handle verities of Garments fabrics.
  • To make that evaluation atmosphere of his subordinates.
  • To arrange for proper documentation of all the activities on the fl
  • Making arrangements for the right line layout or machine layout.
  • A leader will inspire unit employees for better works, better motivation.
  • To organize pre-production meetings or pre-production activities to discuss related issues.
  • Will monitor progress of production against production plan.
  • As a Production Manager will coordinate with all the concern so that apparel or textile production progresses as per plan.
  • Responsible for ensuring discipline in the floor.
  • We should be able to do machine layout, time & motion study, etc.
  • Managing the work production department and implementing processes to improve efficiency.
  • Help analyze and assess product risks during the development, start-up/pilot runs, and production.
  • Production Planning and follow up to reduce downtime.
  • Identify causes and actionable steps to improve the product.
  • Analyze and assess Buyer/Customer feedback.
  • Managing all kinds of Inspection & Audit-related issues.
  • Tactfully handle all kinds of worker/ labor-related issues.
  • To ensure quality production in the sewing section.
  • Monitor the production procedure in all levels of sewing and ensure the correct method so that the production output is as per the desired limit.
  • Any other task assigned by the higher authority.
  • Must have knowledge of sample making.
  • Ensures achievement of production targets and guide production teams to attain targets for the respective unit within a given time-frame.
  • Concentrates about all kinds of inputs he receives, studies capacity of operation identifies and removes constraints to make optimistic use of man, machines and materials.
  • Directs and controls the day-to-day operations of the production department ensuring that the production plan is adhered to by customer requirements.
  • Assures that employee disciplining is effectively administered and that employee grievance is addressed in an appropriate and proper manner.
  • Directs and controls the improvement of production processes & reduces all types of wastage by proper planning.
  • Good knowledge of Pattern and marker, technical problem-solving ability with required quality standard. Technically sound on RMG production.
  • Verify the line layout of individual style and adjustment through the balancing of the machine and skilled operatives.
  • Monitor hourly production and ensure the correct method so that the production output is as per the desired limit.
  • Lead safety, quality and compliance activities in the workplace.

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