Role of Production Supervisor/Line Leader in Garments Industry.

Duties and responsibilities of a Line Leader in the Garment Industry.

The supervisor has many duties in the apparel industry production line of sewing, finishing, cutting, washing, wet processing, etc. The main duties of them are given below. Role of supervisor/Line Leader especially in apparel industry.

1. Before the new style input, collect the folder/attachment, machinery, accessories, materials and equipment before layout.

2. Attend in Pre-production meeting & follow the meeting’s issues.

3. Quick layout & reduce the order changeover times.

4. Apply the balanced layout created by IE together. Co-operating with mechanical & maintenance, IE & other related departments to set up all of the operations and workstations.

5. Understanding the workers of their works with good behavior.

6. Motivating workers & keep good communication with management.

7. Supply chain awareness.

9. Clear knowledge on SMV, efficiency, quality, capacity, productivity & 5S (now 6S).

10. Collect the Hourly production report & taking the action.

11. Finding the bottleneck area & solving the issue. If need informs the IE to help.

12. Troubleshooting inclination.

13. To keep a deep concentration on the Quality. Quality is the key to be efficient & productive.

14. Hold the chain of line & workers. control the sound of unnecessary talking.

15. Sound knowledge of how to develop worker performance

There have many duties or Roles of supervisor/Line Leader. These are the main keyframes. You may follow undoubtedly.


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