Why should learn and practice Industrial Engineering in the Garment sector

In Eastern Asia and European country has started practice work-study in many years ago. In South Asia, work-study has implemented a few years ago. Already 30% of Garments Industries have applied this theme for their maximum output. There has much reality to start work-study as the points:

1) Social compliance requirement from customer: After canceling the Quota free business. The competition is growing up. So the customer requirements are growing up day by day. Now they want not only products but also the social environment, labor law, time employee requite, maintenance system. International law will apply in the Garment sector, otherwise, customers are not satisfied.

2)Customer Satisfaction: Nowadays the customers desire a high-quality standard and working environment, for this reason, we need costing extra money to satisfy our customers.

3) Competition from other apparel manufacturing countries: After canceling the quota-free business the competition of apparel business with other countries is increasing day by day. To sustain with another country we have to need to upgrade our quality and reduce the price of production cost. Otherwise, we have the possibility to fail with this competition. As customer notices their benefit and profit of the country. So work-study can help to this point to reduce the time and cost of our products and upgrade the high quality.

4) Competition from local apparel manufacturing: Last fifteen years there are a lot of garments that are established in our country. For this reason, our internal competition is rising and all the apparel manufacture our desire to build up their business and earn enough money within a short time and trying to the attraction of the buyer or customer. For this movement, we have to need to supply our better quality and best services for the customer.

5) Customers are reducing cutting and making prices day by day: Customers now desire to reduce cutting and making prices, so you have to need to reduce production costs. They are not ready to buy extra money. Here work study can help how to solve this problem and maximum outcome without cost any price.

6) Competition in the Quota free business world: In the world 2005 quota-free business has to cancel. So the competition is growing up. To sustain this globalization you have to need to apply work study for better success.
So, resolve the customer requirements we have to need to apply a work study in the garment sector. As work study has been implemented to remaining resources and limitations for our maximum outcome.


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